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EDIT: Ladies and gentleman, I now have a tumblr. It will be updated blog-wise far more often than this wordpress now, but I will continue to maintain my fanlistings page, sooo. Yes.
Updating tumblr feels a little less futile than wordpress because Tumblr seems to be a little more community driven – so sometimes, people actually see what I post (GASP). Makes me feel slightly less internet-schizophrenic. That is all.

So, I know I like never update this, but nobody reads it anyway so LOL. Now that that bit’s out of the way (again).

Out of work for the moment, since there’s not really a call for substitutes during the summer.

What else. Oh, yes. I went to see the Avengers a few weeks ago (and watched Thor first in preparation, hadn’t gotten around to seeing it when it was playing in theatres). Instant fan (I’ve been sucked into the Tumblr fanbase too, enough that I’m considering making a Tumblr account). Best new movie I’ve seen in years. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must do so immediately. (AUGHAIEOFWF LOKI IN A THREE PIECE SUIT. Why is Tom Hiddleston so flawless? T_T)
I’m actually walking down to the theatre to see it again this afternoon, lmao.

Been playing Aion a little since it’s F2P now. I have a guild. I’ve been busy enough lately though that I’ve been kind of inactive so waaargh.
Speaking of busy, I’ve got stuff to take care of, so off I go. Wisenri out!



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Listening to: Nexothex – Donkey Kong 64: Frantic Factory REMIX


After I’ve-lost-damn-track-of-how long (over a year) of looking for a job, I finally have something lined up for certain. I still have to attend a meeting, and some training (I think).
It’s substitute teaching, so it’s not exactly an unfailingly steady job, but it’s certainly better than not having a job, and it pays almost twice as much per 8 hours compared to the stupid minimum wage jobs that wouldn’t hire me for lack of experience anyway. 8) And in the future if I’m looking for other jobs, it’s a start on having that magical experience everyone wants (never mind my general studies associate’s degree – nobody would hire me because I didn’t have experience but nobody wanted to GIVE ME ANY IN THE FIRST PLACE *rage*).

Anyway, I’ve mostly been up to random stuff since my last update. Off the top of my head, I have: done a lot of attending to real life inanity, played Minecraft on and off, played some Skyrim, played indie RPGMaker games, messed around with RPGMaker XP myself, and lately I’ve been playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance here and there (nostalgia! 8D the pretty, detailed isometric pixel art graphics STILL look nice). Buying Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii when it comes out, and once I start working, possibly shelling out 15 bucks for an indie mystery visual novel called Jisei. That’s about all that’s worth mentioning. Wisenri out!


Skyward Awesome

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Listening to: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword OST – Lanayru Mining Facility (Past)

Good morning, internets! I’m a bit late to it, but I said that I would post after I played Skyward Sword (It’s been a little less than two weeks since I beat it – sorry!), and I’m here now!
I also didn’t post before I played Skyward Sword because all my spare time was wrapped up in marathon-ing through all three Golden Sun games. Hurr!
I’m not a critic (thank gawd lawl 8D) so I don’t have anything terribly insightful or profound to say about the game. So if you’re expecting a proper review, look elsewhere!

What I do have to say is that it was really fun! I think it ranks up there in my favorite Zelda games along with Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker. OoT is at the top of my list, and I think I’d probably tie Skyward Sword with The Wind Waker for second favorite (Twilight Princess comes after that). If you’re a Zelda fan and you haven’t played it yet, you should get right on it! That’s all I really have to say about that.

In other, boring, life-related news, winter has finally gotten its act together and punched us in the face here in northwestern Missouri. Sitting here looking at the 7-day forecast, we won’t be getting a high above 40 until Sunday (Saturday will be 40, though!). This pretty much means my glorious 50-degree-walking-outside weather is over. I hate the treadmill, guys. D: Give me back my nice weather. The high is supposed to be above freezing today, at least (by 6 degrees), so I’m going to bundle the hell up and go out anyway. I’ve gotten increasingly less tolerant of cold temperatures since childhood and I need to fix that anyway. I’m only a little crazy, I swear.

Last but not least and probably least, even when I’m not posting new entries, I am still working on upkeeping my fanlisting badge page at least every month or so, though I don’t add new stuff to it all that often – I mostly just check to make sure the existing ones are still around.

I’m off to go read now, so I’m wrapping this thing up. Wisenri out!



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Listening to: Phantasy Star Universe OST – Moatoob

Oh, hi.
It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on this thing, hasn’t it? (I’ve been upkeeping my fanlistings page on and off, though).

Aside from just random day to day stuff that has happened, it should be noted that though I thought I’d be at MU by this time this year – I’m not. I was accepted, but I just simply can’t afford it. So, further college stuff is on hold indefinitely until I can afford it someday. At least I got that two-year associate’s degree, lmao. In the meantime, I’m looking for work (which I can’t find – surprise). Since I can’t afford much in the way of college at the moment, what kind of work I’m eventually going into hasn’t really been decided yet, but I’m thinking about something computer-related probably, like IT or web design. Anyway that’s all I really feel like saying about that topic. Life goes on!

I haven’t really got much else to say except that Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword comes out next month! I’m really looking forward to that, and if I can remember to, I’ll post about it once it’s out and I’ve played a little of it. Wisenri out!


Oh Hi

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Listening to: Tripshots – Resistance (feat. Hatsune Miku)
And I was poking around on this post long enough that this also played: Apocalyptica – Hall of the Mountain King

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, nobody really reads this so it wasn’t that big of a concern on my to-do list. I was pretty busy this semester, but I managed to pull through with good grades, and finish my transfer associate of arts. Next fall, I will hopefully be attending University of Missouri-Columbia to work on a Bachelor’s in Classical Archaeology… internet situation for that time is a bit unknown. According to the ‘department of residence’ or whatever they’re calling it, I should, but I don’t know what kind of nasty invasive security it might have yet. Hopefully, my access to games won’t be restricted. If it is, I might have to look into wireless internet providers, which could be equally sucky in terms of lag. I’ll keep my hopes up for good on-site access at MU. At least I’ll have my consoles. I will fight my potential roommate to the death for the TV if I have to.

In other news, I have a Facebook as of around a month ago, and I’ll probably be linking it back to here soon, so I might have at least some one-time readers. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing yet, knowing some of my friends, hurr. I wasn’t exactly a fan of social networking, and I still think the people in charge of facebook are kind of sort of a smarmy bunch, but it’s making keeping in contact with people a lot easier.
And now I’m off, to work on college apps and cleaning my room, and stuff… and to spend some time not doing those things.



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Listening to: The thunderstorm happening outside. It’s bad.

I only have a few words for you.
I’m two years late but Tales of Vesperia is one of the best games. Ever.
And I’m going to go play it some more now. I’m on my second playthrough. Later!


Editing Spree

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Listening to: Wakeshima Kanon – Suna no Oshiro

Sup gais?
Not really much to report. As noted in an edit in my last post, I’m on extended hiatus on Allods Online until I evaluate how much damage the new patch is going to cause. If it looks like nothing’s going to change, I’ll probably leave until it’s fixed, or indefinitely. I hate to sound all whiny about it, but it’s a problem when a F2P game becomes not really F2P anymore, but they’re still calling it F2P. It’s still free to make an account and logon, but once you’re playing, it becomes increasingly difficult to play without shelling out a steady stream of currency to the cash shop. Might as well play P2P.

 Still playing a smattering of games – at the moment, mostly Star Ocean 3 and 4, and Mirror’s Edge when I feel like taking giant leaps across buildings. Once you’ve settled into the learning curve and have a fair amount of experience, it’s actually kind of therapeutic.

And speaking of P2P, I signed up for the FFXIV beta a few months ago, but I haven’t gotten in – doubt I will. The pricing plans are up, and it really doesn’t look good. It seemed fine, and I was actually considering trying it when it came out - about 12-15 dollars a month – that was until I saw the ADDED fees – $3.00 extra a month per character. Quite frankly, it’s really kind of ridiculous and makes me sad. Squenix loves the money, don’t they?

Over the course of yesterday and this morning, I made extensive updates to my fanlistings page. I went through and fixed or removed the badges that were dead links, merged an unnecessary section into an existing one, and edited my wish-list a bit, mostly removing fanlistings that I found from it and adding badges for them.

I’ve always lamented my lack of drawing skills. I’m really not very good at it – and I could probably get better with years of extra practice, but my writing, reading, and video games have always been more important. I can however, edit my way around photoshop. Making wallpapers, avatars, signatures, doing photo editing – basically digital art that doesn’t require freehand drawing. I’ve done some pixel art (mainly dolling) in the past, but I’m not exceptionally good at it so I don’t do much of it anymore. Always had trouble pixelling hair, and the lack of freehand skills meant I used pre-existing bases.

HOWEVER. I also like taking pictures – as does my dad. Mostly nature and architecture stuff – I don’t photograph people, it comes with being extroverted. Anyway, my father made me an offer – he’s thinking about starting to sell some of his photography, and he wants me to edit any that need editing, and we’d split the profits. I’m kind of excited about it, because it’ll be nice to have something constructive to do with my editing, and a steady source of practice/improvement. And once my photograph skills improve to a professional level, at least, I might start selling my photographs along with his. It could be awhile before the side-business gets going, buuut once it does I might plug it just a little in an entry (or make a page for it). Not sure how it’ll be advertised yet, but if it’s done online and we make a joint portfolio, I’ll add it to my link list and link it in an upcoming entry. I’ll  have a bit more money to buy video games and books with, and I can save some of the money toward more college. Might mean a few less loans and hours of minimum wage jobs – exciting!

Anyway, I’m off to go have lunch now. Wisenri out!

~Aurelia – working on making new entries less wall of text-y, expect more paragraph splitting!

Titling Posts is Hard (Except Not)

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Mood: Silly
Listening to: Pendulum – Blood Sugar

I’m just lazy don’t mind me. 8D
I’m single again, following a mostly drama-free mutual break-up due to random crap. I wish all my break-ups could be mostly drama free, lulz.

So I remarked on SMG2 coming out in my last post – as a follow up, I will note that I purchased it and played it like… halfway through? Might eventually finish it. It’s great – and sufficiently more challenging (so sometimes frustrating) than SMG1.
I’ve been adhd-playing a bunch of different games lately, just kind of whatever I feel like at the moment.
LoZ: Spirit Tracks
LoZ: The Wind Waker
Dragon Age: Origins
Mirror’s Edge (you know a game is short when you can finish it multiple times in one day)
and other random crap. I’ve got Star Ocean 3 coming in the mail from amazon sometime this week so I’ll be playing that eventually. On that note SO4 pissed me off because it [MILD SPOILER] killed my favorite character [/SPOILER]. Everyone always kills the ones I become hopelessly enamored with wtfshit.
I’ve been playing Allods Online by my lonesome on and off over the past few months, but who knows how long that’ll last. They’re about to trash the Fear of Death debuff and replace it with something equally, if not more, retarded, so I might move on at that point. Cash shops are great and all but when they start forcing it on you, you might as well go find a p2p game. Might think about rotting my brain with a bit of summer WoW after that or something I’ll regret hurr.

I left my sensor bar at my dad’s house so I’m going to go NOT play any wii games now, until tomorrow afternoon when I go get it, bleh. Instead I’m going to go watch Bones or NCIS or Twilight Zone or something epic like that.

EDIT: Oh, right. Because I went to all the trouble to make these for my Allods characters, but they’re a bit large for sig images:

I do have a higher level character, but I think I screwed over her build, and I decided I wanted to try some other classes (she was a mage, and I was tired of dying all the time solo). I might reroll her eventually, but for the time being I’ve shelved her. Edit done!

Wisenri out.


EDIT 02072010: Revelations of Gipat (new allods patch) is out, and it is a disaster. I’m hoping it damages their playerbase enough that they change some of their changes, buuut if not it seems like I’ll have to find a new game to play. Sigh. Somehow I keep forgetting about the fact that most cash shop games are out to nickel and dime you to death. I should just stick to console games until I’ve got the spare cash to shell out for a P2p.

I’m Back (Mostly)

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Mood: Neutral
Listening to: Withered Leaf – Masayoshi Minoshima

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, mostly because spring semester was very busy. I had a little free time when I wasn’t in class or doing homework, and that free time was spent console gaming and watching tv. Considering the way I fly back and forth from game to game, it would be mostly fruitless listing the games that I have been playing and/or am almost finished with (but look at me I’ve gone and done it a little anyway a few lines down). It should be noted, though, since I forgot to when it happened, that I finished Twilight Princess months and months ago. Having finished it, I feel that, as mentioned before, I initially judged it a bit harshly for not being OoT, and I have decided that it was a very good game.
Oh and Pokemon SoulSilver is as epic as I had hoped for, and Red Steel 2 is awesome, as is the new ace attorney (the edgeworth one 8D). I am very put out about Metroid: Other M being pushed to August release – but Super Mario Galaxy 2 is due out soon, so I will content myself with that. And I have burned 100+ hours of my life playing FF12 (NOT 13 - I have finally gotten around to replaying FF12 this time without getting stuck on the stupid leviathan the first time). Oh and today I downloaded portal because for the next week it is FREE. It really spooks me that glados’ voice almost always sounds like she is singing. I wish she would just shut up.
Moving on.
Spring semester is over now, so I’m free until this fall – which should be my last semester at community college. Now I have MORE time this summer to bury myself in games. And fantasy and science fiction literature and tv. I have started on this by finally having time to read Tamora Pierce’s latest Tortall series book that I bought ages ago – and yesterday I spent my entire morning watching The Twilight Zone (yesss), and then rewatched Star Trek 2009 with my dad while eating dinner. I will most definitely use this summer to geek out with science fiction (Star Trek most definitely included) since I had no time this spring.
I have a boyfriend now, as of Februrary-ish (not online – I have sworn off online dating relationships), but that’s all I really have to say about that, as I generally don’t like blogging too much about the more personal parts my personal life outside gaming, interests, and the surface of my college life.
I will probably be updating/messing with my fanlistings page over the summer a bit, so keep an eye on it, should you for some reason be interested. I’m off to go play some video games and possibly watch some ncis or star trek or something.
Wisenri out.



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Mood: Excited
Listening to: White Skies (FFX) – Project Majestic Mix: The Trance Album (bLiNd) 

My birthday was on the 10th this month and I didn’t post, sorry.
I’m 20 now – it doesn’t feel quite real. I don’t FEEL 20, sorry, still feel like a kid. Being 5’3” might contribute to that.

I got spirit tracks for my birthday and all my gaming plans have gone to pieces (I’ll pick them back up later). If you have a DS and have not yet acquired The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, then let me suggest that you drop what you are doing right now and go get it. Seriously.

My gaming train is going to have to slow way down this semester, unfortunately, because I have a crazy modern western civilization teacher who has decided that it’s a good idea to assign us a novel a week to read. It seems that’s going to be the focal point of the class too – making this ‘modern western literature’ class instead. It’s not like I can’t manage a book a week -  back when I had more time in High School, I often managed a book or more a week, but I have other classes. Whatever, I will make it work, even if I have to skim or find summaries when I have too much math and other  homework to deal with. My world is not going to revolve around her silly class. Yesterday I spent what could have been the better part of my day reading the entirety of Descartes’ Discourse on the method (whom I have already encountered for Philosophy previously). I have a Descartes rant that you do not want to hear – good mathemetician, baffling philosopher. In case it wasn’t obvious, I am a hardcore Empiricist, and Rationalism both baffles and irritates me. I believe I’ve mentioned before how much I love the scientific method – I’m that weird kid, the one who, despite how everyone in every high school chem class whines about how they’ll never use any of it, has adopted the scientific method and uses it informally on a daily basis even after high school. It can be applied to all sorts of situations – really!

Anyway moving on! On the good news front, it would seem that I have an awesome Sociology teacher, so I think I’m going to like that class. I will also like my computer science whatever class because a lot of it is going to be relatively easy, since I’ve been using a computer for a pretty long time now – and already took a bunch of computer classes in high school. Math is probably just going to be eh.

I’m going to go finish getting ready for classes now. Busy day today – and after all of my classes over my friend and I are going to sit in the student center and watch my Lethal Weapon 4 dvd on his laptop. I’mexcited. Wisenri out!



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